For Motorsport North of the Bridge

About HCMC

Hibiscus Coast Motorsport Club was originally founded in the 1960s as a club catering for car enthusiasts on Auckland's Hibiscus Coast.

We deliberately focus on running on affordable and accessible Clubsport events. We encourage participation by everyone in the family, including children as young as 12 years of age. And for many of our events you don't even need a modified competition event to compete - we have a Production Car championship specifically aimed at those people using their standard, every-day road vehicle.

Events We Run

There are many types of events that we run:


These are the most basic event, and you don't even need any special safety gear. Held in grass paddocks or gravel/tarmac carparks these low-speed events around cones require precision to get a good result.


The next step up the rung, these are similar to Motorkhanas but are run over a course that has higher speeds. These are still very low cost to participate in, and only require the driver to have appropriate overalls and helment.

Hillclimb / Bentsprint

These events are very similar, and are the next step to what most people consider as Rallying. Run on closed roads (either public or private) it is you against the clock to see how quickly you can cover the course. Again you can use any vehicle, with the only safety gear required being overalls/helment and a properly secured fire extinguisher in the vehicle. You will also require a Motorsport NZ M-Grade licence.


This is where things get serious. You'll need a proper competition vehicle with full Motorsport NZ Schedule A safety equipment and somebody willing (or silly enough) to sit next to you while you tackle a section of road up to 10km long.

Beyond the above are full-blown Rallies, both at the Clubmans, Regional and National level. Or if you prefer having other cars around you when you're competing you can look at Race events held on circuits.


We do not have fixed clubrooms. Instead we run a Clubnight once per month - often at The Albany bar and restaurant, sometimes at venues such as a pool room or bowling alley for friendly competition. All people are welcome to join us, check the Coming Events page for where any given Clubnight will be.